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The Last Of Us Part II’: all you need to know

The Last Of Us Part II, Magazineup

The countdown to The Last Of Us Part II has already begun. After almost a decade of wait and a number of other delays, the second installment in Naughty Dog and Sony’s critically acclaimed Last Of Us franchise will finally be released this June.

As you gear up to reunite with Joel and Ellie to battle a fresh breed of Clickers and face new enemies, here’s everything you would like to understand about Last Of Us Part II. (Take note, potential spoilers ahead!)

What’s the latest news?

  • Developers say The Last folks Part II would require tons of strategic thinking
    The Last folks Part II game director reveals new Infected details
    Naughty Dog says The Last folks Part II is its most accessible game ever
    A dark new cinematic TV trailer for The Last folks Part II gets released
    Pre-orders for The Last folks Part II haven’t been suffering from leaks

What is The Last Of Us Part II?

The Last Of Us Part II is that the highly-anticipated sequel to Naughty Dog’s 2013 role-playing game, The Last Of Us The Game picks up five years after the firstduring which its two protagonists, Joel and Ellie, fought their way across a post-apocalyptic us that’s been ravaged by a contemporary fungal disease referred to as The Cordyceps Brain Infection. Since the events at the top of the primary game, both Joel and Ellie have gone their separate ways. But when tragedy strikes, the pair reunite on a path of vengeance.

Who is the publisher and developer of The Last Of Us Part II?

The Last Of Us series is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by American computer game company Naughty Dog, which is additionally behind the long-lasting Uncharted computer game franchise.
The Last Of Us Part II Spoilers.

When will The Last Of Us Part II be released?

Good news: after several months of delay, The Last Of Us Part II will finally land on June 19.

In late April, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that the second installment of its Last folks series will arrive within the summer. the sport also went gold in May, as confirmed and announced by the game’s director, Neil Druckmann.

Sony’s confirmation comes shortly after the corporate previously revealed that it might postpone the discharge of The Last Of Us Part II – which was originally scheduled for February 2020 – indefinitely thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. The publisher announced the “difficult decision” during a tweet on April 2 through the official PlayStation blog. It cited logistic issues caused by COVID-19, which prevented it “from providing the launch experience our players deserve”. The Naughty Dog team also added its own statement then that it had been “nearly done” with the Game ’s development but was forced to delay the game “due to logistics beyond our control”.

What is the plot for The Last Of Us Part II?

As mentioned earlier, The Last Of Us  Part II takes place several years after the events of the first game. After barely escaping the Fireflies – a group of guerilla fighters – in Salt Lake City, Joel and Ellie return to Jackson County where other remaining survivors, including Joel’s brother Tommy and his wife Maria, have built a secure haven. However their peaceful settlement is at some point interrupted by a violent occurrence, which forces Ellie back on the road to hunt revenge.

Is there a trailer for The Last Of Us Part II?

Yes. In fact, Sony has dropped several trailers for The Last Of Us Part II over the years. the primary preview arrived as early as 2016, giving fans a primary glimpse at Ellie all grown up.


At the 2017 Paris Games Week, Sony revealed the second trailer which presented a replacement threat within the sort of a violent cult, who practice religious sacrifices. It also introduced two other characters, a pair of siblings Yara and Lev.


During 2018’s E3, Sony shared its gameplay reveal trailer which introduced more new characters to the story, including Dina and Jesse, Ellie’s friends at the Jackson settlement. The trailer also showcased Ellie’s new skills as she faces off members of the mysterious new cult, now revealed because the Seraphites.


The Last Of Us II received a more action-packed trailer in September 2019, which follows Ellie as she begins to journey across the country once more .

It also confirmed which characters will return within the sequel.
The official story trailer arrived in May 2020. This time, it gives players a wider check out the scope of the sport , providing some context on what transpired between Ellie and Joel since the last game.

In June 2020, Sony released a dark new cinematic TV trailer, which showcased no gameplay footage. Instead, it features cinematic CGI cuts between scenes of Ellie playing her guitar and singing for Dina, and her encountering Clickers and other highly dangerous survivors.


Which characters will return for The Last Of Us Part II?


Ellie – who is now a young adult – will return because the main protagonist of The Last Of Us Part IIshe is going to even be the lead and “only” playable role this point around, consistent with creative director Neil Druckmann, as per IGN.


It was first assumed that Joel’s character had died before the events of The Last Of Us Part II and would only appear as flashbacks or in Ellie’s imagination. However, the newest trailers confirmed that he will return to fight alongside Ellie, though this point because the secondary lead.

Tommy and Maria

As the September 2019 trailer confirmed, Tommy also will return within The Last Of Us Part II, but it’s currently unclear how big his role are going to be within the sequel. Maria, however, has not made an appearance in any of the previews.

The Infected

It’s no surprise that the sequel will bring the return of the Infected, but the game’s director Neil Druckmann confirmed they’re going to have evolved within the sequel. He also added that the new game will introduce two new enemy types: Shamblers, and a currently unknown enemy which will only be revealed when players try the sport out for themselves.
What will the gameplay be like within The Last Of Us Part II?

In the fourth and final episode of Inside The Last Of Us Part II, released on Jefferson Davis’ Birthday, the Naughty Dog team break down what the planet has got to offer, from the safe and tranquil community in Jackson, Wyoming to the hopeless and oppressive scenes of Seattle. consistent with the developers, the planet within the upcoming sequel has evolved, then have its threats, therefore requiring players to form tougher decisions and strategic plans.

On May 28, Sony and Naughty Dog released over 20 minutes of The Last Of Us Part II gameplay footage during the newest State Of Play broadcast. It showcased eight minutes of previously unseen and uninterrupted in-game footage. The video also introduced several gameplay mechanics, including Ellie’s ability to swim, an upgrade from the character’s inability and fear of swimming within the first game.

On May 19, the sport creators shared more gameplay details in its video series, Inside The Last Of Us Part II. It revealed that the sequel will feature a more open world concept compared to the primary game. The developers have created a “legitimate urban environment” where players can better explore their surroundings.

“We really wanted to challenge ourselves to form a world that basically felt sort of a real space … and didn’t desire a series of combat encounters,” co-game director Anthony Newman said. He added, “We’ve gone thus far in making the extent design open that there are full-scripted sequences that you simply may completely miss.”

The developers also shared that Ellie’s build – compared to Joel’s – will affect how players play the game . There’s the addition of a “jump”, “dodge” and “prone” button, also because of the ability to crawl and conceal under small spaces. the sport also offers a replacement “escape” option. However, director Neil Druckmann noted that with all the new additions, they’ve also made the enemies smarter to stay players on their toes.

The Last Of Us Part II is expected to be as authentic as possible

On May 29, developer Naughty Dog shared another episode of Inside The Last Of Us  IIduring which the team broke down the game’s minute details. consistent with the developers, the sport will feature an “insane attention to detail”, with the assistance of latest technology developed by the studio to form its characters feel more ‘human’.

“Now we will make veins pop on their forehead if they’re really angry. Or likewise we will redden their skin – might be supported emotion, or might be supported what’s happening to them physically,” game director Neil Druckmann explained. “How red their eyes get is controllable, how tears flow away their eyes and their face is all-new tech that we’ve developed for this game.”

It is also said to be Naughty Dog’s most accessible game ever

In a June 2020 interview with The Verge, lead gameplay designer Emilia Schatz and lead systems designer Matthew Gallant discussed the game’s varied accessibility options, which help players finish the sport without getting stuck thanks to difficult pace events or not knowing where to travel. The developers also had created “around 60” accessibility settings for the upcoming sequel.

“Accessibility for us is about removing barriers that are keeping players from completing a game. It’s not about dumbing down a game or making a game easy. What do our players need so as to play the sport in parity with everyone else?” said Schatz.

Will The Last Of Us Part II feature a multiplayer component?

No, a minimum of not immediately. Fans who enjoyed the Factions multiplayer mode within the Last folks are going to be disappointed to understand that that has, unfortunately, won’t be included within the sequel.

In September 2019, Naughty Dog tweeted a press release saying it “made the difficult choice that The Last Of Us Part II wouldn’t include a web mode”. “The single-player campaign is the way and away from the foremost ambitious project Naughty Dog has ever taken,” the studio wrote. “Likewise, as development began on the evolution of Factions mode from The Last Of Us Part I, the vision of the team grew beyond a further mode that would be included with our enormous single-player campaign.”

Naughty Dog, however, hinted that Factions mode remains expected to return someday, although “not as a part of The Last Of Us Part II”. “When and where it’ll be realized remains to be determined,” it added. this might mean that Factions could be made into a standalone spin-off game or a DLC for The Last Of Us Part II.

What gaming platforms will The Last Of Us Part II be available on?

The Last Of Us  Part II will arrive exclusively on PlayStation 4 consoles. Plans to release the sport for the PC and Xbox One are yet to be determined, though the move is very unlikely as Naughty Dog was acquired by Sony in 2001. So far, neither The Last folks nor its Uncharted series are released on non-Sony platforms.

What is the game length for The Last Of Us Part II?

Right now, it’s unclear how long it’ll fancy complete The Last Of Us Part II. The duration to end the sport also depends on the player’s difficulty setting.

Considering the primary game ran for about 15 hours, players can expect to line aside a minimum of 20 to 30 hours to play The Last Of Us Part II because it is “about 50 per cent bigger” than its predecessor, consistent with the game’s co-writer Halley Gross.

“Not just long , but in like, all of our levels are bigger and wider, we’ve more cinematics, we’ve more characters, we’ve more animations,” she told Gamerbraves in September 2019. Gross added, “We have larger melee systems. In every way, the sport is greater and better.”

Naughty Dog’s vice chairman and therefore the game’s director Neil Druckmann also revealed during a 2019 PlayStation blogpost that The Last Of Us Part II is that the studio’s “most ambitious and longest game in our 35-year history”.

Where can I buy The Last Of Us Part II?

The Last Of Us Part II is out there for pre-order via the PlayStation Store. There are a spread of pre-order bundles on offer, from the quality edition (£54.99) to the digital deluxe edition (£64.99). Each bundle will include bonus in-game items like extra ammo for Ellie’s pistol and a crafting manual for recipes and upgrades.


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