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We are the soldier of War

We are the soldier of War

We are the soldier of War.

We are the soldier of War.

We die, we fight, we kill each other

We just obey orders

What are we fighting for?

Yes, to protect my motherland

Who are we fighting with

Yes, that’s my cousin’s brother

Didn’t we have dinner together last summer

my dear cousin

Yes, I pour my best wine in your glass

Gave you the best Hrudka cheese.

And yet you are fighting against me.

why do you want to take my home?

You are an unwanted guest to me right now

Go back to your mother or to your wife or to your loved ones.

Peace is a simple word, yes peace

Your snoring of bombs is taking away my peace

Your flying birds are shattering my house windows

Your mechanical war dogs are crashing my beautiful backyard garden

If you come in peace, I may share the vegetable with you with some nice dressing

But without peace, you are nothing but an unwanted guest.

By Magazineup


  • Alice Mola -

    Very powerful poem, I wasn’t sure which country it applied to but once I read Hrudka cheese I knew this was about Ukraine. Very moving picture of someone suffering through war.

  • Jennifer Prince -

    This is very powerful. Especially considering what our world is going through at the moment. Thanks for expressing your thoughts this way!

  • Yes, the message is very simple but yet so powerful. War is never could be a solution for anything. Thanks for crafting your thoughts in your own majestic way.

  • This is powerful stuff. Both the message and the words used to convey it are striking.

  • Ryan Zofay -

    This is a powerful post, especially with the world we are living in right now. Thank you so much for the share!

  • Delray Boxing Club -

    War should never be the solution to any problem. Hoping your country gets through this tough time.

  • Gervin Khan -

    I totally love this poem, the message is very strong and very timely on what’s we’re experiencing now. The essence is really heartwarming and hoping the world will follow.

  • Ramil Hinolan -

    This poem is so timely now. |We pray that the conflic to Ukraine and Russia will end soon.

  • Melanie Edjourian -

    That is a very powerful and well written poem. Thanks for sharing.

  • Such a powerful message, especially these days. It really makes me sad about what I’m hearing from the news. We all want peace. We are all neighbors and family.

  • Such a powerful message to everyone. I also love the flow of your poem and the words you used in this.

  • Fransic verso -

    This is amazing, love the words of this poem. The message behind the words is amazing as well.

  • a strong powerful poem. i just don’t see anything beneficial with the war he started. it’s really sad because the whole world is getting affected.

  • Anosa Malanga -

    Indeed such a timely poem to read. I am sure many people could relate to this. Wishing everything would be better in time.

  • tweenselmom -

    this is a very important message in our times today. thank you very much for this.

  • Heatherkleinwolf -

    Heartfelt words to describe a heartbreaking situation. War is horrible and I hope and pray Ukraine prevails

  • Thank you for this poem! I`m Russian and I don’t support this war. I pray for Ukraine and try to manage my anxiety.

  • Anosa Malanga -

    Indeed such powerful words! This is really a good read. Emotions really show up and the reader can really feel it.

  • War is a horrific thing. The state of our country and all of the fighting is profoundly negative

  • Ntensibe Edgar -

    Ah yes! We surely don’t need any war. All we need is love and to make love! Thank you for this great reminder of peace.

  • This is really sad. My heart goes to the families who have been displaced and have lost their loved ones because of this war. Hoping for it to end soon. Praying for Peace.

  • Thena Franssen -

    Thanks for sharing your words. I always love to read a good poem.

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