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What does it take to become a pirate?

What does it take to become a pirate?

Among the eventual life tracks, we intended as a child, becoming a pirate ranked right over there with Indiana Jones, James Bond, and Batman.  What could be chillier than climbing aboard a ship with a bunch of one-eyed, ragtag, parrot wearing sailors and setting sail in search of plunder and adventure in the unknowns of the high sea? Not much I would say, and many of your childhood psyches would possibly concur with me

The most usual way that a person became a pirate was to be robbed by pirates. Once they seized a ship, pirates took the prospect to recruit from among the ranks of the captured sailors. … The pirates usually obeyed. Some folk were actually kidnapped, but not many.

Fulfil your PE desires with archery, fencing, sailing, and shooting guns, and you’ll get an official “Pirate Certificate.” Meanwhile, it feels like we’ve lost sight of the reason why traditional pirates became so infamous in the first place.

Can you get a pirate license?

The Pirate Certificate (sometimes also referred to as the “pirate license,” “pirate degree,” or “pirate award”) has long been a part of MIT lore but has only officially been awarded since 2011 when six students became the first to receive proper certification. A Pirate Certificate, as awarded to an MIT student.

What is a licensed pirate?

All MIT undergraduates must comprehensive eight points of physical education classes to graduate—but students that complete courses in archery, pistol shooting, sailing, and fencing are granted pirate status with a tangible certificate.

The MIT Pirate Certificate is designed to recognize the completion of the undergraduate Physical Education & Wellness General Institute Requirement.

The MIT Pirate Certificate is only made available to MIT students and is an incentive for undergraduate students to complete their Physical Education & Wellness General Institute Requirement of 4 physical education & wellness courses. It is not a stand-alone certificate.

Non-MIT courses and life experience are not counted towards completing the certificate. The MIT Pirate Certificate is for entertainment purposes only and does not give the recipient license to engage in piracy or any pirate activities.

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