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PUBG addiction is More Threatening and Violent


Most addictive games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, we had Player Unknowns Battleground and “PUBG” addiction game.

 After its release in 2017, PUBG quickly became far and awaythe first popular game within the world. Two years later and it remains a powerhouse within the gaming world.PUBG Mobile, a free-to-play version of the sport, has more users than Fortnite 1 thanks to its popularity in Asian countries like India and China.

 It has become so bad in young Indian generation that a 20-year-old boy recently died after prolonged play over 45 days and suffering severe nerve damage 2. 

These have led to extreme measures to be put in situlike locking users out of the sport if they play for quite 6 hours at some point 3.

 The game isn’t showing any signs of losing its player base, and PUBG addiction is as widespread now because it has ever been.

  It may affect a student’s life if you’re enough hooked into PUBG!

  Most gamers spend their entire day playing PUBG, which suggests they find yourself becoming less socially active. Video Game Addiction Becomes Official mental disturbance

 Recognized by the planet Health Organization. they need a group of three criteria as warning signs:

 Impaired control: Your gamer is unable to regulate or limit their gameplay. Loss of interest in other activities: Your gamer’s life revolves around gaming rather than gaming revolving around their life.

 Any addiction Game is causing significant harm to their school grades, employment, or relationships and health.

Son beheads dad for forbidding his PUBG gaming: Raghuveer Kumbar killed his father, Shankar, when he took away his mobile phone and disconnected the internet for being on his phone for a long duration. The shocking incident took place at Siddheshwar Nagar Kakati in Belagavi district of Karnataka.


Mumbai youth committed suicide after being denied a smartphone to play PUBG: According to The Times of India, the teenager took the extreme step when he was denied a high-end smartphone to play the game. Feeling distraught, he hung himself from a ceiling fan in the kitchen of his residence.

Only playing tons of video games isn’t enough to count as a disorder. Instead, the disease occurs when gaming interferes with people’s daily lives.

Consistent with the WHO, gaming disorder may be a “pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior” during which people lose control of their gaming behavior.

It gives priority to gaming over other interests and activities and continues gaming despite negative consequences, like impairments in their family relationships, social lives, work duties, or other areas.

Wherever we looked, whether it’s on conveyance, or college campuses, or outside schools, multiple people had their heads stuck within the mobile game, sliding similar colored candies to match them up and obtain the adrenalin rush that comes from completing A level. However, nobody spoke a few Candy Crush ban because it wasn’t perceived as a dangerous game.

The Battle Royal-style game is nothing new as similar games like H1Z1, Fortnite, and Rules of Survival have existed for years.

So why is PUBG becoming such an enormous problem that states are calling for an outright ban on a mobile game?

To know why PUBG is so addictive to both children and adults, and the way it’s different from Candy Crush, we spoke to a couple of experts — a toddler psychologist, the founding father of a futuristic group of faculties, a parenting expert, and therefore the CEO of a number one ed-tech company that’s transforming education with gamification and other modern approaches.

But every coin has two sides. Easy accessibility and no-cost have made PUBG available to young children also, who are becoming very easily influenced by the sport,” says Meenal Arora, Founder Director, Shemford Group of Futuristic Schools.

It promotes bad physical health. Just sitting around in one place and playing for long hours isn’t good for your physical health. One tends to become lazy. Also, watching your display screen for long hours can affect your eyesight and provides you headaches.


Thus, gaming addiction, whether it’s too violent games or non-violent games, is both a problem; but within the case of obviously violent games, the increased risk, especially for youngsters, can’t be ignored.

Fitness trainer ended up in hospital after self-harm while playing PUBG: The fitness trainer from Jammu allegedly got hooked into playing PUBG online over ten days. After completing one among the rounds, the person started self-harming and had to be hospitalized.

Studies suggest that gaming disorder affects only a little proportion of individuals who engage in digital- or video-gaming activities. However, people that partake in gaming should be aware of the quantity of your time they spend on gaming activities. Particularly when it’s to the exclusion of other daily activities, also on any changes in their physical or psychological health and social functioning that would be attributed to their pattern of gaming behavior.

Meenal Arora explains the varied sorts of problems arising from gaming addiction:

1. Really Long hours of gaming can increase the probabilities of obesity, weaken the muscles and joints, neck pain from incorrect posture, weaken eyesight, and even cause headaches.

2. Behavioral problems: Violent games like PUBG can trigger aggressive thoughts, emotions, and behavior affecting the mental well-being of the players. Its very unsafe long-term impressions on the minds of young children.

3. Failing social life: People gaming for long hours find yourself becoming less socially active. Being isolated, albeit there’s an immediate voice reference to friends within the game, is dangerous for our physical and psychological state.

4. Disrupted sleep pattern: Spending long hours ahead of the screen disrupt your sleep pattern, and other people may sleep less to play the sport.

5. Since children often attempt to emulate an equivalent behavior as portrayed within the games, exposure to excessive violence, profanity, racism, and lots of other aspects in games like PUBG are often harmful.

6. Academic performance hampered: Children may skip homework or studying for exams and prefer to play video games.

Some people may wonder how a debate exists around a PUBG ban though hardly anyone spoke about banning Candy Crush. Still, it took over an enormous population of youngsters and adults alike.

“The difference is within the extreme violence depicted in PUBG. Candy Crush is addictive due to the straightforward rush of satisfaction you get whenever you reach the subsequent level or achieve a win.It keeps you returning for more,” says Parul Ohri.

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