Because I miss you

because love you

Your lovely blue eyes talk in bashfulness, is that mutual?

A grin all over your face, leaves me speechless.

I feel like I just met you, but it as of now feels like eternity

I wouldn’t do anything instead of sharing my love with you girl,

Because the stars make my verses sparkle that about you,

I miss you!!

Would you tune in on the off chance that I whispered, I love you?

Would you get it for me if I said, I believe you?

Could I truly as of now love someone else?

If I inquired, you’d you grant me shelter in your trust?

Would you let me know things no one else knew?

Would you inquire what I seem to feel for a girl like you?

My heart is reborned, this time more profound still.

I have something that has a place to you and I’m giving it back

So, from me as it were for you,

I’m giving you a kiss, of which I thought I’d never deliver to anybody again

No matter how distant it’ll blow,

I’m taking off on joy, I’m taking off on the love I’ve been granted

Your voice is a love song for me.

I will never feel tired. It rather feels like a raindrop in the desert.

Loving you is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me.

Love you with everything.

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