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Bold Facts About Bald Eagles

Bold Facts About Bald Eagles, Magazineup

Bold Facts About Bald Eagles

Bold Facts About Bald Eagles, Magazineup
The Bald Eagles 
Bald Eagles are the national animal and bird of the United States of America. They live throughout North America and parts of Mexico. The birds are fascinating creatures and are well-known birds of prey. The Bald Eagle has 7 close relatives throughout certain parts of the world.

Characteristics of the Bald Eagle:

The Bald Eagle’s vision is sharp. Their see-through eyelids, a. k. a., the nictitating membrane has two purposes. One purpose is that they help the eagles protect their main eyelids even when their main eyelids remain open. The other purpose is to help moisten and cleanse their eyes.
Their vision range is wide and they can also see through UV (Ultraviolet) light. Their powerful claws that comprise extra sharp talons aid the Bald Eagle in capturing prey like deer and smaller prey like mice and rabbits. Also, on average the birds weigh 10lb. In colour, they have a white head and the rest of their body is brown.

Female Bald Eagles weigh about 25% more than male Bald Eagles. Both sexes have the same plumage patterns, so if one were to identify which one was a female or male, size might help in detecting which one is which. The Bald Eagles have a massive wingspan ranging from 6ft to 7 ½ ft.

Its wingspan aids the Bald Eagle in taking down animals like mule deer’s that weigh much more than them. The wingspan also aids them in traveling at rapid speeds from 35 to 45 miles per hour. Bald Eagles can reach maximum speeds of 100 miles per hour in a dive. In the animal kingdom, the Bald Eagles rank high in terms of speed.
Bold Facts About Bald Eagles –Food and diet:
The diet of the Bald Eagle depends on their location. However, the main source of Bald Eagle’s diet is fish. Fish makes up for over 50% of the Eagle’s diet. In certain parts of North America, fish comprise 90% of the bird’s diet. The Bald Eagle also preys on small mammals such as mice, rabbits and sometimes, a large deer. They also feast on gulls, ducks, rabbits, crabs, and amphibians. Eagles scavenge on dead animals, fish and even in dumpsters.

Bold Facts About Bald Eagles – Nests and migration:

The Bald Eagles nests, on average, are 2-4 feet deep and 4-5 wide. Sometimes, the nests can measure 13ft deep, 8 ft. wide or when living in more exposed areas, they can have nests as high as 125 ft. above the ground. Weight-wise, the nests can weigh up to 1 ton. The Bald Eagles build the largest nests of any bird that constructs a nest in the tree.
Bald Eagles are very particular about where they build their nests. There are many factors that come into play. These factors include food availability and type of environment. Also, the Eagles want to have their chicks in safe places where they can protect them from predators including other birds of prey.

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