Exhaustion is exhaustive

My mind is in a prison,

Exhaustion is exhaustive


My mind is in a prison, I am independent in the eyes of society. A defeated soldier in my own eyes, I have no good evil in my hands.

Today, my own will depends on the willingness of others, What did I think, Did I know. This is the story of a prisoner’s life, This is my writing today, Exhaustion is exhaustive in all mixes!!

I think maybe one day I will see the light of the new day, The tide will come in its turbulent moment, But dreams are selfish. From a distance, like a rustle, At midnight dog’s roar flies, With the roar of my silent mind.

No one can take a defeated soldier of their own, No one will understand this dreamer one-day.

Thousands of events will be gone, In the middle of it and lies in the soil tomb.

  By Fluffy Panda

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