Fear is so flashy and bossy



Fear is so flashy and bossy,

can be painful at times.

And the cruelest of it’s that,

she often circulates reality with narrative.

You always express your love to me,

I have a lot of thoughts on my mind

What if I do not give you,

what you’d always want to hear from me

In the world, only stinginess and sadness.

There is no world left truthful feelings,

I’m going now then every distress.

This world is so bitter and twisted around me,

I’m drifting and disappearing until you can’t see

I want to hug,

everything apathetic in the dusk.

I want to know,

tomorrow that everybody has.

I can sometimes stop like this,

I can take a rest.

Even if it rains in my heart

When this rain stops

I just have to smile again.

within the silhouette of the petal eyes,

It will be still exhausting

On the uncountable lanes away,

Finally, I revealed myself,

I turned back to veil from my misfortune self.

You’ve shown me I even have explanations

I must love myself

My breath, the trail I walked, it all answers on behalf of me.

Like an echo within the rainforest,

Each day will keep spinning

Like nothing wrong went on.

Life goes on,

Like an arrow within the blue

Another day glides by again.

One day, this world came to a stop

Without even a notice

With no empathy, it arrived

The path where the footprints erased

it was me who collapsed here.

Yes, there is no world left with genuine feelings.




25 thoughts on “Fear is so flashy and bossy

  1. This is a beautiful post. Fear is something that we all have to deal with, but we can learn so much from it when we don’t give into it.

  2. You have written about the pandemic so beautifully. It’s supposed to be a sad experience but your words turned it into a colorful poem.

  3. I really loved this poem. Fear can definitely take over and cause you to take steps or to just become stagnant in life. You definitely have to face reality and just make the motions to pick yourself up so you can move forward.

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