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How to Determine If a White Dogwood Tree Is Dead or Alive

White Dogwood trees are among the most popular, flowering trees in the country, and for good reason. Known for its long, beautiful branches and eye-catching bracts, White Dogwoods are often planted as sample trees or accents because of their amazing decorative value that lasts all four seasons. The U.S. Department of Agriculture comprises groups of White Dogwoods, or Cornus Florida, in strong plant habitats 4 to 9, extending to all parts of the Eastern United States.

In these areas, the climate and the environment are changing. This means that without proper care, White Dogwoods can easily be overwhelmed by stress under these external conditions, which can put them at risk of injury, disease and pest infestation. If you have a White Dogwood tree in your area that seems unhealthy, keep reading to learn how to determine if it is dead or alive.

Common Symptoms of Depression

It is important to check your trees regularly for any signs of stress. Early detection can save your trees, but it can also save you much trouble. Ignorance of tree problems will not only endanger safety, but it can also lead to costly repairs in the event of a tree falling into a car or house. According to Dogwoods, they are sensitive trees that require special attention under certain conditions. For example, pruning and weeding should be done carefully near Dogwood trees because they have shallow roots.

And when it comes to fertilization, they will respond negatively to small counts. Too much fertilizer will create as much pressure as too little. Poor sunlight and poor soil conditions will put them under pressure, causing them to lose their health and vitality. Common symptoms of depression include leaf loss, crown death, severe growth, poor leaf colour, and more. Over time Dogwood showing these symptoms of depression will eventually die.

It Checks Health

To see if the White Dogwood tree is alive or not, you can offer a simple DIY test. The only tool you will need is a small pocket-style knife which gonna be great. To save time, keep in mind that the Dogwood tree that does not grow leaves throughout the growing season is dead. So if you notice that your White Dogwood is not yet flowering at all and the high tree growth period is over, it is almost dead. If not with your White Dogwood, go ahead and check to see if it is alive or not.

White Dogwood trees

Step 1

Examine the bark of the tree, focusing on the base of the trunk and the base of the large branches. If the bark is peeled off, it may indicate that the tree is sick or dying. If the bark is peeled, or easily broken in the thick part of the branch, the branch is dead, but perhaps not the whole tree. If there is a ring in the bark that is not at the bottom of the trunk, the whole tree is almost dead.

Step 2

Use your knife pack to wipe 1 inch of bark from under the tree trunk. If the bark is firm and the flesh is moist, the tree is alive. If it is dry and crumpy, the tree dies.

Step 3

Hold a small branch at the top and press your claw to the flesh. If you can get into the wet tissue of the branch, it is alive. Bend it in half to see that the branch bends and the flesh is green. This is another sign of health. If a branch breaks easily and dries up inside, it is dead.

Professional Tree Care

If you are uncomfortable or unable to do this inspection, contact your local and reputable tree care company for professional help. They have the necessary tools, training, and resources to accurately assess all North American tree species, as well as, to diagnose, treat, and remove them as needed.

Dead dogwood should be removed as soon as possible to avoid dangerous hazards and pest problems. Get a free quote from your tree care professional to rate the tree removal service price. Always remember, regular tree care is the first step and the only healthy, happy tree that can withstand time!

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