I thought you were mine

I thought you were mine

I Thought you were mine


Sedentary by the river,

Visualising through my deliberation,

I wonder what has happened.

What has caused this distance?

I thought you were mine, only mine.

I let down the walls I formed to shield my heart.

I dream there’s no tomorrow;

But the memory lives on.

 At the moment, the past swelled up to my faith.

In a split second, My tears veiled by the rain,

Hidden by all, alone with my aching.

The year is silent. It just chooses to leave,

The unknowing smile is no longer pleasing.

 Love is full of pain,

Blood makes a huge stain.

I can’t tell you how much my heart hurts every day.

It’s full of anger, pain, and regrets that I can’t go away.

Of all the sensations a person can feel,

Love is creepiest and unkindest to heal.

 Enthusiasm and mystery were impossible to resist.

Promises of enchanted perpetually persist.

You expressed me you love me that you’d always be there,

But now those are just words floating in the air.

You changed, and I can see it in your eyes,

I can feel it in your vibe.

 For every time that I broke down,

There was an imitation smile to cover the frown

I buried behind lies when things got tough,

Forced myself to think it was enough.

 I know it’s pitiful, but when you talk to me,

I feel so satisfied and delighted,

but still, I know that you’re not same you anymore

cause you are Not the Same Person, I Used to Know

It’s not you when I got excused and asked for a cuddle.

You have changed like a rainbow .

I thought you were the only mine,

When I was nauseous my eyes always looking for you,

But this time you weren’t with me anymore. 

Don’t even bother asking me if i am ok?   

You loved me for a while, then when,

you got bored of me you tossed me,

aside like a little boy does with his old toys.

Yes , I thought you were the only mine,

Someday I hope you look back,

and grief every single thing you did to it windup.

I won’t be with you at that time,

because I lost my time and fairy already knocked on my door.

Now my words have no meaning for you because you found your path back again.

It hurts when I realised it was my fantasy ,

but  it’s too late because I already broken.

I know that someday you’re just going to be a remembrance

that I will memorise when I’m isolated.

You came to me when you were sad

And I was unwise to take you back

I thought you could change

But I was wrong, and I’m filled with pain

 You wounded my optimism; I quickly stopped dreaming.

Your love for me ceased, my heart began shrieking,

I let you in my world, and you wrecked it,

I gave you my sentiment, and you broke it.

 But now there’s only one thing I must do

Go back in time and erase this pain

Wash it away on rivers of rain.

Yes , I thought you were mine,

For the first and last time I just want to say that ,

I adore you always and I love you.



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