Life is filled with unexpected things

Life is filled with unexpected things,

 Nights like this, I just want to walk away

Disdain some more to make our memories fade ‘Might regret all the decisions.

I made But not how I left for my heart to aid.

Life is filled with unexpected things,

Fortunately, you can be friends with your enemies;

Alas, your friends turn to be your enemies.

See, life is filled with surprises.

Funny it’s going to seems, and at an equivalent time,

It will indignant you truly.

Dishonesties that are across the seven seas
that occupied the innocent minds,

Denigrations can abolish
demolish and Destruct
the trust that was build in careful stack.

I’ve been wounded so many times in my life

That made me trusts less,

And doubt more with the people surrounding me.

 If I could only turn back time

 To where i used to be once knew the way to trust whole-heartedly.

To the picture of scene where I thought it was,

The happiest and exclusively part of my existence.

And the act, where I thought it was the most costly,

Happiest moment of my solitary life;

Behind that was the shedding of tears of my most precious one,

At the back of it, was sorrow and pain,

Distress and misery, and betrayal;

Of the people I treasured and trusted most.


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