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Life is filled with unexpected things

Life is filled with unexpected things

 Nights like this, I just want to walk away

Disdain some more to make our memories fade ‘Might regret all the decisions.

I made But not how I left for my heart to aid.

Life is filled with unexpected things,

Fortunately, you can be friends with your enemies;

Alas, your friends turn to be your enemies.

See, life is filled with surprises.

Funny it’s going to seems, and at an equivalent time,

It will indignant you truly.

Dishonesties that are across the seven seas
that occupied the innocent minds,

Denigrations can abolish
demolish and Destruct
the trust that was build in careful stack.

I’ve been wounded so many times in my life

That made me trusts less,

And doubt more with the people surrounding me.

 If I could only turn back time

 To where i used to be once knew the way to trust whole-heartedly.

To the picture of scene where I thought it was,

The happiest and exclusively part of my existence.

And the act, where I thought it was the most costly,

Happiest moment of my solitary life;

Behind that was the shedding of tears of my most precious one,

At the back of it, was sorrow and pain,

Distress and misery, and betrayal;

Of the people I treasured and trusted most.

By Magazineup


  • Fantastic blog post! Super interesting to read and super mind grappling. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Ivan M. Jose -

    Life is indeed full of many surprises. I have people around me whom I considered as my friends but they eventually turned out to be my enemies because they say things behind my back.

    • Ivan M. Jose -

      I love reading your blog posts because they are always full of emotions and metaphorical images.

  • This spoke very strongly to me as today brought up some strange feelings I have for someone I considered a friend. It became clear that he is not and I feel an urge to move on and leave this unhealthy friendship behind.

  • I think most of us can relate to the feeling of being hurt by those closest to use. That’s the price we pay for love, we learn to forgive.

  • Emman Damian -

    We have a lot of unexpected things in life. There’s so many surprises but we have to react with the best of our abilities. We need to be stronger!

  • Wheeeew honey! I think we all pine for a simpler more trust filled time. Hardest part of adulting is re-learning how to be vulnerable with someone again.

  • Our closest friends and family members often are the ones that hurt us the most. And most of the time we are surprised or caught off-guard when it happens.

    Another poem that makes you think — thanks for [email protected]

  • Yudith Napitupulu -

    Life is journey. Filled it with lesson. Sometimes unexpected turn of and leaving you with smiling.

  • These are so true. Many times friends end up not being true friends after all in the end, which isn’t any fun but is a lesson learned on who to trust.

  • Ryan Zofay -

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts as it is something we can all relate to. Friendships don’t always end well. Not everyone knows how to be a true friend.

  • Yes, life is not predictable. We should accept that and trust the universe. Thank you for an inspirational post!

  • Credo che tutti abbiamo avuto questo tipo di esperienza. Purtroppo spesso riponiamo fiducia in persone che poi si rivelano diverse da quello che sembrano

  • Ryan Zofay -

    Beautifully written. Betrayal is universal and it’s so sad how everyone has experienced it. This was well spoken.

  • This is such a beautiful poem. I can really feel the angst in it. Very touching.

  • You really captured how dangerous things can feel when you’re in a relationship that is dicey – romantic or otherwise. I love this one.

  • Cristina Petrini -

    How much emotion, a pindaric flight over the heart through clouds of happiness!

  • It’s a beautifully written poem. No doubt, life is unpredictable and you don’t know what comes next. Best is to learn from our lessons and move on.

  • khoingn | The Broad Life -

    Although I rarely read poem, this one is so nice to read. Especially, the title caught my attention too.

  • Christine Weis -

    So true! Life is full of many surprises and can be unexpected sometimes– the good and the bad. Beautifully written!

  • This was such an amazing poem. I’ve been exactly where this poem takes us all, and it really captures the feelings that I felt.

  • Brilliant post. It resonates with me and the work I do as a lifecoach.
    Thank you

  • Glamor Medical -

    Trust is a delicate thing. Once it’s broken, its hard to repair.

  • Seems like you have some trustissues to sort out, and I am hoping that you do, so that you will not miss out on the next friendship or love because of it.
    All the best!

  • Your words are always so profound. You definitely need to write a book!

  • Ej Requina -

    Lovely poem and heartfelt as always. You just have got to roll with the punches since Life is unpredictable!

  • Emily Michelle Fata -

    These words were so beautifully written. It’s true — there are often so many unexpected things we encounter in life.

  • Ivan M. Jose -

    Your poetry is always flowing with emotions. They are always engaging to read.

  • Betrayal is a horrible feeling to experience. You captured this so well.

  • Tracy Isidore -

    Your words are very touching. Our life journey brings many hard lessons and experiences to learn from. I’m sure many can relate. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Tracy Isidore -

    Thank you for these touching words…relationships bring many hard lessons. I’m sure many can relate.

  • Ivan M. Jose -

    Life is indeed full of unexpected things. It may disrupt our lives or force us to adjust. In the end though, they make us strong.

  • Shannon Gurnee -

    You’ve shared some very personal and touching thoughts. Betrayal from those we trust is such a terrible thing, but hopefully we can learn from it as well.

  • Most of us have gone through something painful. This is something we can relate to in one way or another.

  • Gervin Khan -

    This is such a strong and very well-written post. Life is really full of surprises you will not really know what will happen next and you will not really know when it will come.

  • I felt sad reading your post. Unfortunately, this is our reality, and this the same reason why we should love ourselves more because we can’t really 100% rely on other people.

  • Anosa Malanga -

    Couldn’t agree more on this. Life is really indeed full of surprises. Sometimes those that we never thought can happen actually happen. Friends turned out enemies that we didn’t expect. But, well, life must go on.

  • Life can bring many surprises. Some are good and some are not. I hope that all future ones will be good.

  • Lyanna Soria -

    What a wonderful and beautifully written poem. It’s quite thought-provoking and life is indeed full of unexpected surprises.

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