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My Domain is inside this closed wall

My Domain is inside this closed wall



My Domain is inside this closed wall

Sometimes indeed a known confront appears exceptionally unknown

Everyone is fair wandering around

No one is near here

The grin may mask reality.

Trust me, it’s a burning interior, no one knows that.

I as it were have you.

I can live my various times considering you.

Have the guts to overcome all the storms, in case you fair accept in me

Why the rush

Why do we got to halt dreaming

Don’t need to turn my heart into leave

The grin may mask reality.

Trust me, it’s a burning interior, no one knows that.

The time is still ticking.

Night comes at the conclusion of the day.

But why can’t I near my eyes to drop into profound rest

Still, I see around for you, indeed within the dark.

But can’t touch you, so powerless

The grin may mask reality.

Trust me, it’s a burning interior, no one knows that.

By Rinrainbow


  • I think we all feel like that from time to time. For some of us, it’s a feeling that passes, for others, it’s how we being to live our lives. Great post.

  • This is so powerful. I think we’ve all lived behind a wall like this at one time or another. It takes work and support to break it down.

  • Gervin Khan -

    It’s a great poem with so much wisdom on it and it’s a very strong one. This is definitely a timely poem for everybody that’s fighting this pandemic we’re all in. Hope and pray that everyone will make it through.

  • I would quite like to see this poem animated into a TedEd or The School of Life style animation. It really has that quality to it!

  • yudith napitupulu -

    Great poem and so much wisdom in there. We hove in the wake of Pandemic and we have duty to protect our next generation.

  • Steven Morrissette -

    What a powerful poem I really like it. I have to say that I feel that way from time to time.

  • Kuntala Bhattacharya -

    Very powerful lines portraying the emotions of the soul. Like your poetry, amazing and keep going ahead.

  • Emman Damian -

    Great poem. I can feel all the emotions along the lines. At one point, I feel like that too. I think it’s so challenging but we really need to be strong so that we can escape the closed walls.

  • Wonderful power.
    So many of us hide what we feel behind a mask and it takes a smart person to even realize there is a mask present, and no one can guess what’s really inside, often not even the person who does the feeling and wears a mask.

  • Although the poem is a bit dark, it is very thought-provoking and stimulating. You are an excellent poet. Keep writing.

  • Deborah Butler -

    This is honestly, such a beautiful peace of writing. Well done…it’s been a long time since I have read something so powerful.

  • Yeah Lifestyle -

    This is such a beautiful poem indeed, love that words can create such calm

  • khoingn | The Broad Life -

    Today is my hustle day until I read your poem, such a nice one!

  • This is such a powerful yet beautiful poem! I love the part when you mentioned that a vein can mask reality

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