My living is a worship

My living is a worship

My living is a worship

I set out with my wings open wide,
I am tired of soothing my heart
Why do fire and misery burn my chest?
Peace is not just an expression. This potential is ultimate,
The creation of the universe is the answer to every question.
Do not spare first love,
Do not worship yourself.
Give love to people,
Only the one lord has the right to love.
Oh, dear, there is no true love in this universe.
Enough of the name, Peace has taken orbit.
My heart breaks every day, and I fix it every day,
I open this bag of hope every day
There is love, and the sight is in the sky. Either I have you, or I give up my existence.
Release the soul and calm the body,
Fly like a Sufi saint, so what you don’t have wings
Your feet have been chained.
I can’t grow you.
Ask my fortune; you will be separated like this.
Why pain is teaching how to live life,
Think of your pain as medicine and not helplessness.
Wrote letters to convince the beloved, but he wasn’t convinced.
Beloved lord gives me the whole world on request,
And This is all so difficult
Such strain that my eyes, Weep not tears but blood,
Such is my helplessness.
Oh my lord, my honored one!
A companion,
Should I kneel before one God, or should I recite his words and pray
Both are the same God and love.
Kneeling in the name of God is love.
The heart with love is God’s house,
My living is worship,
My death is love.
I gathered myself into an entire thing
and hurled me into the stillness.
This was my silence –
pervasive and expansive.
Now the planet was either a dream
or a sea-flower
imagined at the top of the ocean.
Deep within the stillness.
Only the sound of my footsteps.


12 thoughts on “My living is a worship

  1. Another wonderful poem from you. To be honest, though, I sometimes couldn’t fathom the meaning of some of your words. Then again, poetry is all about the truths that we want to believe.

  2. Your poetry is beautiful. I love my living is a worship. Especially, “the creation of the universe is your answer to every question.”

  3. Couldn’t agree more on this. Make sure to love yourself but not too much and of course always give a lending hand to people in need.

  4. “Giving love to people is my worship”…I loved that! We need to give more love than we are doing, to be honest!

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