My love is for you is my ultimate secret

My love is for you

My love is for you is my ultimate secret

My love is for you..

The morning I wake up, I feel restless
Disturbed with the thought that I am too obvious.

My Heart that rhythms for you  
In more ways than one. Its devastating, flouting, leaving me crying.
This emotion in my heart I have to keep it
My love for you is my ultimate secret.
Beating this feeling is my greatest inanity
It doesn’t bring me peace and serenity,
But I d rather conceals it thanks to fear of rejection,

I ‘ll save myself from extreme misery.
Darkness surrounds me with every step I take.
Wounds break open as soon as they seal.

I’ve lost enough,
Had gained nothing
That dignity is fallacious.

It has never been shaped
My peace is now quiet,
Making not a single noise
My dreams stand saturated,
I am losing my composure
Where do I exist?
Clueless, my presence is trembling.

Confusion feeds like a savage inside a mine,
Leaving nothing reflected worthy remains
Intend to walk through life less ordinary
Isolate, exiled, different and disdained.


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