My love is for you is my ultimate secret

My love is for you is my ultimate secret My love is for you.. The…

My love is for you

My love is for you is my ultimate secret


My love is for you..

The morning I wake up, I feel restless
Disturbed with the thought that I am too obvious.

My Heart that rhythms for you  
In more ways than one. Its devastating, flouting, leaving me crying.
This emotion in my heart I have to keep it
My love for you is my ultimate secret.
Beating this feeling is my greatest inanity
It doesn’t bring me peace and serenity,
But I d rather conceals it thanks to fear of rejection,

I ‘ll save myself from extreme misery.
Darkness surrounds me with every step I take.
Wounds break open as soon as they seal.

I’ve lost enough,
Had gained nothing
That dignity is fallacious.

It has never been shaped
My peace is now quiet,
Making not a single noise
My dreams stand saturated,
I am losing my composure
Where do I exist?
Clueless, my presence is trembling.

Confusion feeds like a savage inside a mine,
Leaving nothing reflected worthy remains
Intend to walk through life less ordinary
Isolate, exiled, different and disdained.


28 thoughts on “My love is for you is my ultimate secret

  1. Very moving yet very deep prose. Thank you for sharing. You definitely inspired me to write more creative writing on my blog.

  2. Oh my, you are such a talent! Have you already thought about publishing your creations in the form of a kindle ebook or something similar?

  3. This hits even the bottom of my heart. I really felt what you wrote here. Looking forward reading more like this from you.

  4. I could almost feel the hurt just by reading this poem. If I could give my unsolicited advice, just walk up to the person and tell her/him how you feel. Who knows that person might have the same feeling as yours.

  5. This is so beautiful! Love it! I can definitely related to your words in a big way, so good and always a joy to read your lines.

  6. If this is your story, my advice would be to not let the fear of rejection hold you back from saying how you feel. At least if you are rejected, you can move forward. If you are accepted, then good on you.

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