Please hold me just one more time

Please hold me just one more time

Can you please hold me for some time?

I know this will not keep going forever,

So please stay with me,

Before the morning detaches you.

I know very well this will not keep going endlessly,

Please hold me just one more time.

Before the morning, It washed everything.

I am just a lonely standing candle,

with melted tears

who can give a light up for the darkest moment

And die silently.

I can’t imagine tomorrow you are no more with my side.

But We have left to share our adoration,

Your love is like oxygen for the rest of my life.

Please hold me for the last time.

my misery makes more sense than I can illuminate,

all I can sense just your love now

My grief bounces off the hedges.

It boom’s in my mind and inhabits my chest.

It’s dense, and it splashes in my lungs.

It steals my breath and robs me of my smile.

That I certainly not want it to wind up

I’m drenching in myself,

So please hold me tight with your boundless love.

Before, I blunder away from this darkness.




23 thoughts on “Please hold me just one more time

  1. This poem was so good. I love the angsty vibe here. It’s kind of all over the place, and that’s exactly the thing that you can sometimes get in a relationship.

  2. Oof, this hit hard. I’ve definitely felt these emotions before. Thank you for sharing these beautiful words.

  3. This is such a beautiful and touching piece. How I wish that I can send this poem to the one that I’m missing very much lately. Been visiting my dreams twice now.

  4. This makes me so emotional. It reminds me of my first love. I miss him so much and we broke up because of jealousy. I still loved him and would go to his office to sneak peak on him. Sadly he has a new girlfriend now. I am so heartbroken

  5. I love this. Sometimes when people leave or pass, you have that feeling of wishing you could hold them one more time.

  6. Beautiful poetry. It’s romantic but it’s also somehow sad like the two people could be separated at any time. Hence, the request to be held.

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