Silences are sounds

Silences are sounds
Silences are sounds, 
Sometime, come to listen..
They’ll bloom by fair touching you, 
Sometimes I call them home. 
They’re eager to talk to you, Let them speak..
In case there is a sky here only,
why can’t I see you here..
the moon and the sun, everything is here only..
I have been holding up for you for centuries..
Why is our deficient adore sitting here, thirsty..
On the wilted department of the heart 
Why do flowers blossom 
Talks around roses, notices of fragrance 
Why do they feel good 
You made me meet with those colors 
Which I had never met 
My heart is grateful to you 
Please bring back the spring season 
Fragrance this fruitless heart
A story of love, a feeling till presently obscure to me gradually strolls in. 
All my life I have lived a stranger among outsiders.
Hold my hand, let me be with you.
Allow me love you with my everything.
I am yours, only your personal
By Magazineup


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