The meaning of love means sacrifice

the meaning of love means sacrifice

I close my eyes and take a long deep breath,

the blue skies turn to the dark,

no more stories to write.

my smile conceals my screeches,

The tears have wiped,

but my eyes are still drizzly,

My sting is departed, but the wound is deep to hide,

I want to express, but mysteries are to retain,

Life is just rotating around mysteries,

I wanted to walk with you,

and I lost you forever.

I couldn’t find you anymore

and no one to hold my hand.

I can’t understand why I’m alive,

but I stand again,

Like the oceanic. Whose streams,

Many times they are behind,

But unvaryingly they climb.

I can hear a symphony of thunder

but I Just making my way, Making away across the troop

The blackness surrounds me,

Sopping and stony, my vastest terrors,

Not by the thunder but by my tears.

I’m petrified I sense nothing

Will my numbness terrify me evermore?

I close my eyes and nothing left to say

my love literally harms me so badly inside.

I’m standing at the edge of a mountain

lets get down from here and finish it forever.

But I want to know how life treats me

 I am not wounded anymore

Because I understand the meaning of love means sacrifice.

And I sacrificing my dreams for you.







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