The Rhythm of Rain

The Rhythm of Rain
Walking with the splash of sadness
Thunder screams out my name.
And I can hear the rhythm of Rain with 
A breeze of sweet emotions
Trying to hide my misery from the darkness
But the rain just poured me.

I am standing with my broken pieces,
Rain, you wrapped my bitter tears 
in your blanket.

Your Mixed love is just 
falling on my face,
Thunder spark, but I am still 
here to feel your adoration
Rain, please hide me from the mass world.

The shade of clouds are shedding tears of my lost
But Rain, I can still feel 
Your rhythmic beat is in my core.
My soul is a sage moan
and mixed with mournful rain.

This drop of Rain 
just rifling my destiny
And Wind just blew
My fate is somewhere.

Rain, can you express 
This pain in my heart?
Tell everyone that my scream 
has become thunder.
And drench me with some hope.

I am lost here in the crowd
Rain, please hold me tight with you
The words my thoughts have come and stuck on my lips
Sorrow just pushed me in deeper.

I want to express myself 
with a pouring of sadness.
I want to close my eyes.
And feel your rainy rhythm of Happiness.

By Rinrainbow

11 thoughts on “The Rhythm of Rain

  1. Nice poem! I’m not a big fan of rain, but sometimes it helps me too. I love to cry in the rain, and when I feel empty, I feel harmony inside.

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