To be confused is nothing to fear

To be confused lost is nothing to fear

To be confused is nothing to fear,

You are simply rotating, coasting, flying into free fall.

Pausing for the second

when your wings disengage from your sides,

get the breeze underneath their feathers like sails.

At that point you figure out how to stream with

the difference in the breeze,

figure out how to discover your beat

in the wake of progress with each crinkle,

each move, every breath.

Life won’t usually be this way,

a wreck of shades of selections of choices,

you’re too hesitant to even think about making.

Your body won’t generally feel like this,

a collection of anxieties of thoughts of memories

mixing together in the folds of your mind.

Rest your stressed head on my shoulder.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply, in out.

Remember everything is ephemeral also,

you won’t generally feel like this.

you are still learning that magnificence

blooms in the most obscure of spots,

like the blossom whose roots grab

the dirt deep underneath the ground,

indeed, you will rise like the stem,

also, open your petals to the sky.

To be confused is nothing to fear,

for everything that is lost is on the way to being found.

Besides, you, my dear, have wings.


  • I love the poem and the message here. Life is full of confusing things. They shouldn’t scare us. We should embrace them.

  • This was beautiful to read. Fear and confusion often go hand in hand and can really hurt our mental well being if not taken care of with the tools available.

  • I love the poetry of you be confused is not to fear. Especially the part about how you won’t generally feel like this. It’s true. That this too shall pass.

  • Confusion is definitely nothing to fear. If we just concentrate on the growth of learning we will be just fine.

  • This is so beautiful. Indeed, confusion brings a lot of fear to people’s hearts. That shouldn’t be and we just have to trust that it’s only temporary.

  • Patricia Chamberlain -

    This is a beautiful poem! It is very positive and meaningful.

  • Some years back, I was lost and confused, not knowing in what direction to lead my life. I wish I had read this poem then to help reduce my anxiety and fears.

  • It is okay to be confused.. It is part of life and we have to embrace the fact that things may go beyond our knowledge and control.. We might make mistakes along the way but that’s how we learn and that makes us stronger

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