To hold your hands once more

To hold your hands once more

Might be still you are looking out for me,
Battling for our brilliant future
Continue To think that I’m in raindrops.
Strolling on the shimmering street, holding your hands
In your kind gestures and love, bliss, and fulfillment.

Of course, playing the waiting game
Counting Each and each snapshot of the drawn-out day,
With my incredible longing.
Perusing your sonnets and a few letters
Then, at that point, continue to stand by once more,
To hold your hands once more
In your kind gestures and love.

Got the Calling for an obscure course
Don’t have the foggiest idea about the limit of affection
Where is the finish of the hopelessness?

I found your spot on there
Might be today, I will think that you are in my arm
Yet, would I be able to keep you there tomorrow also?
Assuming that you are sure,
I’m actually that amount a long way from you
With a similar load of affections.


Author- Tanin

To hold your hands once more


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