Wounds have buried behind my laugh





Wounds have buried behind my laugh


Wounds have buried behind my laugh
fear existing behind a wall,
take a step hoping I don’t collapse.
I m on a mission to find myself,
To see who I want to be,
And I m not scared of who I’ll see,
Cause I’ll have to find me.

There is so much
I desire to say and ask,
but I don’t know where to turn or how to say it.

Can you imagine that you wake up one morning,
somehow intended it is
the last time you will ever wake up?

How would you choose to spend your final hours?
I am a very positive person,
and I want you to know that very well.

But, the real truth is
that every life has a final day.
I am Standing in the fire
and Burning all that I desire.

I can’t swallow this anymore,
Hopes, dreams flat on the floor.
I’m tired of fighting let’s end this bid,
oh why can’t I be a normal kid?

There is so much more
to see in your life that you can’t see,
and I exposed everything to you because
I never gave up on myself.

Life quite just hit me,
not waiting ’til I used to be ready.
I wish you can see my wounds inside.

Which is Bashed me from
my brashness in which I was so constant?
 It changed me as a person who I was before,
a person that’s not what I recognize anymore.

I stopped and took a deep breath because I know,
Wounds have been buried behind my exclamation

25 thoughts on “Wounds have buried behind my laugh

  1. That jolt of reality that things will never be just perfect always hits hard. It helps us appreciate when things are good though, definitely.

  2. It’s a beautiful, sad poem. I very much felt this way a few ago but I’m so happy I managed to find my path.

  3. I can feel the emotion here for sure. this is such a lovely and beautiful poetry piece thank you x

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