My heart is so mechanical insane

My heart is so mechanical insane


My heart is so mechanical,
the impatient soul is an idiot,
how much it loves you,
it didn’t understand itself.

Now someone makes an illustration for
this throbbing of the heart.
so that it gets that rain of love
that drenches it completely.

My heart is so mechanical insane

what such consequence was there of being with you,
I don’t know,
that there was no sense left in me.
my words mystified on my tongue,
but couldn’t get spoken.
In my heartbeat, there is your name alone,
and the eyes give this message too.
It’s all the effect of your eyesight that is there on me.

If I bounce my heartbeat, I would end up dead
You’re the one heartbeat and never wanna skip.


By Magazineup


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