Hear the voices of my broken heart

Hear the voices of my broken heart

Hear the voices of my broken heart


I want to spend every moment with you,

Decorated you with your gifts.

The heart needs to reveal to you how much,

Indeed, my life is with you,

My Love won’t be less for you.

Hear the voices of my broken heart,

The desire I had.

I dream I couldn’t fulfill it.

Not in my fortune that was

I didn’t get it,

I have no complaints against anyone.

Hear the voices of my broken heart,

 I mourn with the pain that you went away,

And are not coming back to me yet.

Follow my untold sound and try to guess what they are trying to tell you.

My eyes await your paths and long to ascertain you come

By keeping awake all night long. But there is no sign of you.

There must be some path that will lead you to my lane.

This feeling for you, I will be able to dare not show,

I so despise the way my fate has to be,

There is nothing I demand than to see you blissful,

from my voice, you will never hear,

the calls of my soul to possess you near,

in my eyes, you’ll never see,

The soreness of my heart that fails to cease,

from my actions, you will never learn,

deep within my heart, the Love for you that endlessly burns.

I leave all of you with my Love, and that I pray

that our souls will touch once more someday.


By Magazineup

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