You aren’t mine

You aren't mine.

   My heart is furious

Its seeing bizarre delusions

When I close my eyes

It feels that You are mine,

It’s giving itself deceitful expectations.

I have absolutely nothing.

All my imaginings are just fake.

Would you please Come to me and

 make this soul understand

that You aren’t mine.

My Tears fell all night

I was waiting for you

but it was just my hallucination.

This heart fears parting

Knotted to your breaths,

Because it was only attached to you.

I can see your faded love ,

    Even I know each step will kill myself

Still, my fake desire pushing me to know

That you are mine.

Such great of aching you get

When your thoughts remain a dream.

I don’t know what color of my heart is it dark or the color of blood.

Justify me every day to get your love

Even I know you aren’t mine.

My heart always cries without you,

Dowse, my eyes thirst

I ask nothing of the fate.

The sentence was written for me,

You aren’t mine.

Collected from colorofpoem.


43 thoughts on “You aren’t mine

  1. That was quite heartbreaking. I also went to a point when i had an affection to someone that i know won’t love me in return. But yeah, i came to realize that more than anything else, self love is more important so instead of wasting my feelings, i decided to be patient and wait for God’s perfect timing to find the right one
    Thank you for sharing this poem

  2. This is such a sad, but beautiful, poem. I think we’ve all experienced loving someone who doesn’t love us back.

  3. You should know when to call it quits. but even we know the truth is still our heart doesn’t listen. that’s the hard part.

  4. Nothing hurts as much knowing someone isn’t yours but your heart is bent on staying around….just to see if things will change in your favour! Very nice poem!

  5. This is such a fantastic poem. I have felt these same emotions in my life. They are so crushing when you’re in the process of going through them.

  6. It hurts sometimes when we love someone and they don’t love us back. I think it’s about time to be happy for ourselves. Great poem!

  7. your words really speak to me. the heart wants what it cannot have some times and it’s hard to shut off your mind to those desires.

  8. Such a lovely and heartbreaking poem. Reading your poem is like a bible. Blended with So much emotion and love.Thank you for sharing!

  9. It’s very powerful. I think it’s important to embrace all big emotions, even the ones that are not our favorites.

  10. absolutely loved the poem. it’s very creative and nicely written. I read it out loud and I loved how it sounded 9it doesn’t always and nessesary happens to the poems in my eyes)

  11. Some things are meant to be ours. Some are meant to be temporary. And still, others are not ever meant to be.

  12. Very powerful. It reminds me of someone that was in and out of my life, their intentions always unclear and leaving me confused on our relationship.

  13. Beautifully written poem, thank you for sharing. Life is ever evolving, you put that in to words perfectly.

  14. I feel the pain in the poem. I feel your emotions in this. I wish I can express my thoughts too in a poem

  15. So powerful. We’ve all been there. It’s so incredibly crushing to come to grips with the fact that someone isn’t yours no matter how much you want them to be.

  16. Surely many could relate to this. Such a very heartfelt poem. Good thing you were able to express it with your writings.

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