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You aren’t mine

You aren't mine

   My heart is furious

Its seeing bizarre delusions

When I close my eyes

It feels that You are mine,

It’s giving itself deceitful expectations.

I have absolutely nothing.

All my imaginings are just fake.

Would you please Come to me and

 make this soul understand

that You aren’t mine.

My Tears fell all night

I was waiting for you

but it was just my hallucination.

This heart fears parting

Knotted to your breaths,

Because it was only attached to you.

I can see your faded love ,

    Even I know each step will kill myself

Still, my fake desire pushing me to know

That you are mine.

Such great of aching you get

When your thoughts remain a dream.

I don’t know what color of my heart is it dark or the color of blood.

Justify me every day to get your love

Even I know you aren’t mine.

My heart always cries without you,

Dowse, my eyes thirst

I ask nothing of the fate.

The sentence was written for me,

You aren’t mine.

Collected from colorofpoem.


By Magazineup


  • such a lovely poem. such strong emotions. You should get a reward for your poem.

  • Ivan M. Jose -

    So many emotions about the pain of accepting something that cannot be ours. Great work once again.

    • Ivan M. Jose -

      Re-reading this poem reveals so many other images of long-gone love and a deeper sense of longing.

  • Milton Coyne -

    That was quite heartbreaking. I also went to a point when i had an affection to someone that i know won’t love me in return. But yeah, i came to realize that more than anything else, self love is more important so instead of wasting my feelings, i decided to be patient and wait for God’s perfect timing to find the right one
    Thank you for sharing this poem

  • What a beautiful poem! Very emotional with wonderful message.I am a big fan of your poetry.

  • Patricia Chamberlain -

    This is such a sad, but beautiful, poem. I think we’ve all experienced loving someone who doesn’t love us back.

  • Thank you for the great poem. I know that feeling too. But now I`m happy I found the right person.

  • Ramil Hinolan -

    You should know when to call it quits. but even we know the truth is still our heart doesn’t listen. that’s the hard part.

    • Ramil Hinolan -

      You will find your true love. Just be patient and keep on loving yourself more.

  • Ntensibe Edgar -

    Nothing hurts as much knowing someone isn’t yours but your heart is bent on staying around….just to see if things will change in your favour! Very nice poem!

  • Kathy Kenny -

    Oh honey, never force if something isn’t yours. It will just be more heartbreaking in the end.

  • Oh, wow. You really captured the heartache in this one. It’s a very touching poem.

  • This is such a fantastic poem. I have felt these same emotions in my life. They are so crushing when you’re in the process of going through them.

  • emman damian -

    It hurts sometimes when we love someone and they don’t love us back. I think it’s about time to be happy for ourselves. Great poem!

    • emman damian -

      Looking forward to your other poems. You’re so artistic! Thanks for your talents.

      • emman damian -

        It’s a bit sad or melancholic. I love it though. It resonates me a lot.

  • heather klein wolf -

    your words really speak to me. the heart wants what it cannot have some times and it’s hard to shut off your mind to those desires.

  • Such a lovely and heartbreaking poem. Reading your poem is like a bible. Blended with So much emotion and love.Thank you for sharing!

  • It’s very powerful. I think it’s important to embrace all big emotions, even the ones that are not our favorites.

  • absolutely loved the poem. it’s very creative and nicely written. I read it out loud and I loved how it sounded 9it doesn’t always and nessesary happens to the poems in my eyes)

  • Gervin Khan -

    This poem hits different, it’s heartbreaking but I love it, it’s well written.

  • Some things are meant to be ours. Some are meant to be temporary. And still, others are not ever meant to be.

  • Very powerful. It reminds me of someone that was in and out of my life, their intentions always unclear and leaving me confused on our relationship.

  • Beautifully written poem, thank you for sharing. Life is ever evolving, you put that in to words perfectly.

  • This is a beautiful poem and made me emotional. I enjoyed reading it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • I feel the pain in the poem. I feel your emotions in this. I wish I can express my thoughts too in a poem

  • Rose Ann Sales -

    Your poem is so heartbreaking. I am.so carried away with all the emotions.

  • Elizabeth O -

    So powerful. We’ve all been there. It’s so incredibly crushing to come to grips with the fact that someone isn’t yours no matter how much you want them to be.

  • Glamor Medical -

    Wow, I can really feel the emotion in this poem. This is so beautifully tragic. Thank you for sharing.

  • Super emotional. I know how you feel. Thank you for expressing yourself like this.

  • Anosa Malanga -

    Surely many could relate to this. Such a very heartfelt poem. Good thing you were able to express it with your writings.

  • Bedabrata Chakraborty -

    I am not a poem person but just loved reading this. Keep up the poignant work!

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