You aren’t mine

You aren't mine.

   My heart is furious

Its seeing bizarre delusions

When I close my eyes

It feels that You are mine,

It’s giving itself deceitful expectations.

I have absolutely nothing.

All my imaginings are just fake.

Would you please Come to me and

 make this soul understand

that You aren’t mine.

My Tears fell all night

I was waiting for you

but it was just my hallucination.

This heart fears parting

Knotted to your breaths,

Because it was only attached to you.

I can see your faded love ,

    Even I know each step will kill myself

Still, my fake desire pushing me to know

That you are mine.

Such great of aching you get

When your thoughts remain a dream.

I don’t know what color of my heart is it dark or the color of blood.

Justify me every day to get your love

Even I know you aren’t mine.

My heart always cries without you,

Dowse, my eyes thirst

I ask nothing of the fate.

The sentence was written for me,

You aren’t mine.

Collected from colorofpoem.


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