Dark Depression Suicide: Not The Easy Way Out

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Dark Depression Suicide: Not The Easy Way Out

Everyone goes through periods of deep unhappiness and misery. These feelings usually fade away within a few days or weeks, depending on the circumstances. But reflective sadness that lasts more than two weeks and distresses your ability to function may be a sign of depression.

Depression influences everyone in an unexpected way, and you may just have a portion of these symptoms. You may likewise have different side effects that aren’t recorded here. Remember that it’s likewise typical to have a portion of these indications every once in a while without having Depression.


In any case, on the off chance that they begin to affect your everyday life, they might be the aftereffect of Depression.
 Anyone who lives in this crazy world would surely encounter problems. It may be because of failed relationships, work, school, or other activities and engagements they have as part of everyday life. When confronted with such problems, people usually go to their friends or family for help and support.
 This is considered normal and healthy since every person needs someone to talk to especially during hard times. Unfortunately, there are some people who do not like to share their problems with others. They might think that they are not capable of solving the problem themselves, or they may be too embarrassed to share it with others.

Due to a cluttered mind, a person who does not share their feelings and thoughts with other people sometimes tends to stray away from them and keep things to themselves.

This is dangerous if one thinks about it because such negative thoughts begin to build up and can pollute one’s mind.

In this case, people start to think about committing suicide so that they can be released from the problems and issues that have been bothering them for a long time. Suicide is basically taking one’s own life as a means to find relief from problems, pressure, stress, fear, depression, and other negative thoughts and experiences.

Based on recent statistics, at least 60,000 suicide attempts are made in Russia and 30,000 in the United States on a yearly basis.

We cannot simply ignore people who are in a suicidal state of mind, especially if they are close friends or members of our own family.

Suicidal thoughts can be seen through the person’s actions, how they interact with their family members, and how they respond to them. When one sees this, try to talk to the person involved.

Try and make him or her talk to you since this could really help in expressing how they feel. As much as possible, do not confront or cause them any more stress or anger since negative words or thoughts could again trigger thoughts of committing suicide.

Dark Depression Suicide: Not The Easy Way Out

Think of the person’s emotional stability. Dedicate some time to make that person feel loved. Maybe thoughts of suicide are just temporary because of the current situation that he or she might be facing. In those cases, it is important to listen to what they are trying to say or express for these little details can show their true and innermost feelings.

It is also important to know what their interests are so that one can have the opportunity to steer their thoughts away from the act of taking their own life.

If one sees that they simply cannot help their family member, it is also a good idea to get them into a therapy session.

In these sessions, they can interact with a group whose members are also facing the same situation. Usually, the members of the group will be given chances to share their problems.

From there they can see and realize that other people are also experiencing problems just like them. Through the guidance of a counsellor, members of a therapy group can realize that there are solutions to their problems and that committing suicide is not a sensible option.

Through therapy, people can cross over from an irrational state of mind on the brink of suicide to a sense of renewed sense of hope and a determined attitude to face life’s challenges.

When suicidal thoughts are solid, it might feel like you need to follow up on your thoughts immediately. It’s remarkably essential to defer the choice to take your life and to advise yourself that these musings will pass.

Many people report that by putting off the choice to die, they’re able to get the support they need.. People who have encountered suicidal thoughts and have been able to avoid acting on them say that they can now see that suspending their decision to die was the best thing they did.

Keep a rundown of different things you can do to occupy yourself. This may include:

  • sitting in front of the TV
  • playing sport
  • going out to see the films
  • ringing a companion
  • taking a walk or a run
  • perusing a book
  • tuning in to music.



  • Canada
    Distress Centres Ontario
    Hotline: +1 (905) 688 3711
    Hotline: 905 734 1212 / 905 382 0689

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  1. Suicide is never a solution for anyone. When you experience a worry, identify what your fears are. Make a plan to cope. Reach out to others online or over the phone to help solve the problem.

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