My love is a splash of tears.

my love is a splash of tears.

Stories of my feelings for you

have all been illustrious,

Look at how they are all linked to your name,

Perhaps it is my generosity that I am silent till now,

Even though I know all of your failings.

People who don’t burn from inside,

They are like dead vessels,

The only thing being cold are the bodies.

Burn this world to the ground with my silent words,

When my destiny is to cease to exist eventually.

Then where’s the harm in flaring up before turning to ashes.

And those ashes become of my strength.

Expectation touching hope should never end,

The cherished should never be slandered,

 but I scorched down with the lamps, Your arrival was only a dream.

People kept on tossing me like a chunk of earth out of their way ,

onto that mistreated path that happened to be mine.

And so, I kept wandering

along my way.

I amassed myself into the whole thing

and flung myself into the motionlessness.

This was my crashed silence –

prevalent and spacious,

Deep within the stillness,

I can hear only the sound of my footsteps.

And my happiness was hiding

in the last mysterious silent tear.

My memories take a roller coaster’s drive.

And daily, I live another life.

My eyes become teary.

And my heart is clouded by a fog of unknown imagination,

I looked around but found only numbness.

No one can see my eyes because of dust.           

I feel like I am sinking and push my dream with a silent wave.

Stories of my feelings for you are still silent and unknown.

And my love is a splash of tears.

Finally, I reached the last path
And My heart turns gray with ash,
The river may carry ashes away, or dust will hide them again.
It’s time to fall.


41 thoughts on “My love is a splash of tears.

  1. Have you read or listened to a poem so good that you don’t want it to end? This is such a poem! I don’t have a favourite line in it!

  2. That was adorable and touching at the same time. Not everyone can express their emotions with words and poetry and admire your skills. I, myself used to write poems but i only find the inspiration whenever i’m feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Thank you for sharing this

  3. I felt this deep in my core… there’s something about it that really spoke to me and how I feel about a certain someone.

  4. I have mixed feelings about this piece. It’s so strong and emotional at the same time there’s joy after reading it. Such a masterpiece!

    1. This poem is definitely getting a buzz! Can’t wait to read your other poems soon. I’m looking forward!

  5. Well, some good things never last. I have so much sympathy for this person. I hope she will find her true in the afterlife.

  6. I pains me to know that there are persons with unrequited love. I hope people in this situation will find the courage to look for someone meant for them.

  7. It’s so painful. I can’t imagine the deeply pain. The poem really brings the true feelings of being hurt.The arrangement is quite impressive.❤️

  8. So many emotions in every line. I can feel it while reading this. I hope I can express mine just like how you do in this poem.

  9. Your poem is very emotional. I have to read it silently, then read it out loud to see the difference and oh boy, it is very meaningful.

  10. Why do we fall in love and get hurt in the end? That’s the question that we should look for an answer.

  11. Que deep!!!! Me encanta. I read your poem aloud and really felt the feelings you put into each word. Breathe easy and take care of yourself, beautiful, emotional being.

  12. Thank you for sharing a piece of your soul with us. The words are beautifully written you are an amazing talent.

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