What Is a Ghost and How To Know If You Have One in Your Home!

What Is a Ghost?

What Is a Ghost?

I don’t always see ghosts, but I can feel and feel, feel and sometimes even smell them. When we die physically, our souls leave our bodies, and most of the time they pass on to the other side. Sometimes the soul will choose, for one reason or another, not to go the other way. It will choose to live here on earth, be it the spirit of the world or the ghost. Our souls are built with power. A ghost may have only the appearance of our body as obvious as watercolour. Souls can also be seen as a series of light or energy flows, as in the case of heat. If the soul appears you may have the same clothes that you wore in life. There are many reasons why ghosts choose not to go the other way.

We are as dead as we are in life and the ghosts are as different in their personality as the living. The souls left behind are few compared to those who fall into the abyss. The notion that ghosts are dangerous and evil is not based on fact. Many ghosts are unhappy, restless, lost and harmless. Remember when dealing with ghosts that you are physically, you are powerful. Treat them kindly and help them on their way.

Why are the Gosts around?

They are afraid to face their creator because of the things they have done in their lives.

They are afraid that they will not go to heaven, so they are afraid to go.

Someone died before them, and they did not want to see him.

They are afraid to let go of their earthly nature.

They do not know that they are dead.

They may die suddenly or violently.

Some believe that there is no afterlife, so when their soul leaves their body they do not know where they will go.

They felt drawn by the force of love from this side, so they stayed, thinking that they were helping them through the ordeal.

They stay to protect a loved one.

If they die of addiction they may be constantly on the move looking for another body to live in to continue their favorite drugs.

They don’t feel they have to go the other way.


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