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A prayer needs an era

A prayer needs an era

A prayer needs an era
An answer to obtain
That you adopt to design.
Love needs serenity,
Pleas are a burden
Who can live until the time?

Listening to your silence, hear
I will not go far from you,
I want to shred my happiness
Let me join you in the pain game.

Please give me some space in your sphere
I’ll stay with you somewhere
Because I am derelict without my life
That life is not even mine.

I wish I would amend what’s carved in my fates
In exchange for you.
But my prayer needs a lifetime.

My tears were also starting to splash
Wish I portray to you the spites done to me
Who will listen to my story?
There is no one to listen
No one to share.
This loneliness bounds my life,
And my existence in this world is nothing.

Like my contender in love, those imaginations kept deceiving me.
When I went hunting for myself,
the darkness luminaries kept deceiving me.
I am obliged by the chains of traditions
I have stayed alert for the fulfilment of dreams.
Yes, prayer needs an era.
Even The Hope fills me with apprehension.

By Magazineup


  • Christian Foremost -

    Aww what a lovely poem. Makes me miss writing my own!Each word is so meaningful.

  • That poem is so beautiful and moving. So meaningful and touching. I love your work.

  • Kelly Bolen -

    Wonderful poem! I loved it! It just made me cry. Thank you for sharing!

  • Doodie Calls -

    Beautiful message, I love how well you articulated this poem. Thank you for sharing.

  • Nice poem, a work of art with words. I have never tried writing poetry, but this inspires me to give it a go.

  • A posh wording to chronicle someone’s misery. Another marvellous creation of you. My Best wishes!

  • What a well-written poem. I like that it conveys your message with such wonderful words. Even if it isn’t the happiest of poems, it can still be beautiful.

  • Tweenselmom -

    Such a heartfelt poem, I could really feel the emotions in here. I hope you continue to find peace 🙂

  • briannemanzb -

    Wow, this poem is beautifully written and I love the powerful message behind those words.

  • Jennifer Passmore -

    This is an absolutely beautiful poem, it is very moving. You are a wonderful writer!Not much people can explain this way only pro.

  • Fransic verso -

    Wow, this poem is so beautiful, and love the words. Something has good meaning and is well written.

  • beautiful poem. very deep and it is nice to read out loud (always do that with poems, it seems important for me to hear the sound of poems for some reason). It gave me a reason to think which is always to my benefit. It makes me feel of my parents and our complex relationship.

  • Living Room Murals -

    Beautiful poem, amazing!!! My tears were also starting to splash, this is so heartfelt, I love it.

  • Celebrate Woman Today -

    This is an internal conversation with your soul, your angel, your way of finding the path to follow.
    You never are alone. And you are the pilot of this ship in this life. Hear the vibrations of your soul. Notice the signs your angels give.

  • Archana Singh -

    Such powerful words that straightaway touch your heart. Beautifully penned poem. Keep up the good work.

  • The poem is so beautiful and touching. The words are so meaningful, digs deep into the heart.

  • khoingn | The Broad Life -

    I’m not sure if my skill is good enough to feel this poem but I can say it’s nice written.Not sure but I just stopped somewhere after reading this poem.Vert Good job!

  • Angela Ricardo Bethea -

    What a beautifully written piece and keep up the amazing work. This is something we definitely needed right now.

  • It can be so hard offering the world your own words, so thanks for sharing them. Very powerful and beautifully written.

  • Autumn Murray -

    What a lovely heartfelt poem. Your writing and talent are truly amazing. Looking forward to reading more.

  • Deeply moving! Wonderfully-written. Congratulations on this great work. Thank you for sharing.

    • So emotional words. This song reminded me of someone and I just floated away.

  • Knycx Journeying -

    Wow, I would love to begin by saying that the structure of your writing is great and the powerful word and strong message came through really well, we all need the strength to face life challenges and thanks for sharing this.

  • Doodie Calls -

    What a deeply moving written piece. You’re really great with words.

  • Michele @ Our Redonkulous Life -

    I love this poem. You can feel the emotion in it. I felt it all as I was reading it.

  • Melanie Edjourian -

    This is such a well written and descriptive poem. I’ve only just discovered your site but look forward to reading more.

  • This is beautifully written! Very heartwarming. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Faith Stephenson -

    Thanks for sharing those wonderful words! I really love this post!

  • Ntensibe Edgar -

    Lovely! Prayer, just like so many other things must have it’s time with audience and not! I love your poem.

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