How to Lose Fat With Intermittent Fasting

How to Lose Fat With Intermittent Fasting


As an overweight teenager, you have probably tried to lose weight but have had limited success. Personally, I have tried many meals. I started eating a high-protein diet 6-8 times a day, and I lost a little fat to get all of it because I was tired of eating less healthy foods. After 1.5 years of training, I discovered the benefits of fasting from time to time by reading the book Eat Stop Eat. To this day, Eat Stop Eat is my favourite book about healthy eating.

By fasting from time to time you simply divide the day into two phases:

Phase 1: Phase feeding phase 8 hours

Stage 2: A 16-hour fasting period

By doing so, you will not be able to eat more than 2-3 solid foods a day and a 16-hour fasting phase will cause you to lose fat. This is a very effective method for a low-fat guy because to lose fat you have to eat fewer calories than you burned! In my opinion the easiest and most fun way to lose fat is to use occasional fasting in your lifestyle because it is SO EASY. As an added benefit, many people find that they are more productive during their fasting period because they do not spend their morning time preparing breakfast and snacks.

If you are a student like me, fasting from time to time may look like this:

– 07 AM: Get up and drink a cup of coffee.

– 12 AM-08 PM: Food Phase

– 08 PM-12 AM: Fasting phase

As you can see above, it is actually very simple: instead of breakfast you drink a cup of sweet coffee (without sugar) and stay productive until noon to avoid food. When your 8-hour feeding phase begins, eat 2-3 solid foods that improve your exercise. After your last meal you can relax and enjoy your evening till bedtime. I have been successful in this way, even though I eat what I want with each of my meals, as long as most of my food is healthy.

So … when you incorporate normal fasting into your life do not forget everything about:

Eat small meals every 2-3 hours

– Get up early to prepare breakfast

– Getting insulin increases in the afternoon

– Counting calories

Also, once a week I go out and skip my fasting phase, but this did not hurt my fat loss at all. I highly recommend fasting from time to time for anyone who is determined to lose fat. If you want to know more about Endless Fasting, I recommend Brad Pilon’s book Eat Stop Eat. In this book, you cover many interesting lessons about the positive effects of fasting on your body. It is well worth your time to read his book if you are determined to incorporate fasting into your life.

In addition, many people ask: what can I eat during the fasting period?

Coffee (Black Coffee), tea and chewing gum without sugar. Most importantly stay hydrated during your fasting phase to avoid starvation!

In summary, here are the benefits of occasional fasting:

It- Simple to use

– Eat nutritious food

– Lower fat and gain muscle

– Skip breakfast and go to bed



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  1. I have never tried intermittent fasting, but I have heard there are many benefits. I like to eat, so it would be difficult for me.

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