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Life was not all ashes

Life was not all ashes, Magazineup

Life was not all ashes


Life was not all ashes
Life was not all ashes,
yet it was lavished spreading ash
How could I have portrayed the hardships
I grieved trying to get to you?

The day conceded away in
the wake of someone’s reminiscence
Twilight arrived, and
passed away showing just a dream.

The momentary years
kept longing for better times.
The time was such that
I passed away bearing with your whims.

The life which has the delight of
having you predestined
He knows how to fulfil promises,
so I held on to you.
Over there, life is,
but, another name for inebriation.

And I walked a long distance
to there with an expectation
How foolish was I?
The darkness arrived amidst
the whispering of solitude..

It was a desert plain but
I crossed it chattering.
 The spaces of my heart often get frightened..
Whose voice was it?
And whom did it fade away calling?

There is a feeling,
that I hadn’t thought of before.
Time was passing by,
I kept on walking.
I  was falling, I subordinated time to my will.
In this silence,

I was dying.
I’ve been living under the shadows of expectations,
I’ve been longing for dreams.
The curtains fall down on
the lamps and cover them.
Do not extinguish the flaming curtains!
Yes How foolish was I?

Life was not all ashes, yet it was lavished spreading ash…..


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