Covid 19- We Shall Not Die Alone.


I Come to the graveyard Alone and watch the days go by. The graveyard is a place that enthuses. You will initiate the mysterious inheritances, untold stories of the disregarded many.

I look at all the photographs of mine with you and ask, why did you have to die?

You’ve always been there for me since you were my closest buddy. Also, I was consistently there for you until the end. I grabbed your hands and gave you hope that I will save you.

I was on duty, but I couldn’t hold my tears and I just started crying. I hugged you for the last time and cried for 10 minutes like a little child. For every time that I broke down, There was a fake smile to cover the frown.

To me, being broken seems and senses hopeless. Not able or willing to be restored or healed. Closed. Shut down. 

Some of the time in our lives the enduring of the misery is exceptionally long, and though we struggle to battle it, the sentiments are excessively solid. After work, I went home and just tried to relax for a sec, but I couldn’t stop my tears anymore. I cried for you, again and again, my friend; I cried for others who died just in front of me.

All of us keep trying to save more people from covid, but we failed. During covid, We all have lost adored family, Who’s passing made our hearts cry,
Regardless of their time expended on Earth It was so throbbing to say goodbye, We Shall Not Die Alone.

Now I don’t know how to put together the fragments of my life. To be brave is to cry But still to fight on. I sat by your grave today And just let the world go astray. I didn’t know what to do,

So I sat there and thought of you. The world keeps moving forward as time stands still for us today. We are frightened to get covid,   locked in a battle to be free. our exists put on hold,

As we fight to stay alive, Our insolence is bravery. We live this life each day, Just waiting for tomorrow, praying covid goes away. Death is not triggering this grief, Death is not the accuse, But dying alone is With no one on our side. Now we are living in another land, terrified & disordered, A social distance death, A solo death, Boxed and caged and tubed to oblivion. 

Walking on the edge of existence, We’re never looking down, United here in front of the world, until a cure is discovered. 

We can be superior to we have ever been. Let’s improve the human situation. 

Our potential for gracious and integrity. We can overcome covid, war, and indigence. For the good of our own and for those, Who will come after us. There is a superior future, Also, we can make sure about it. Let us take up the undertaking, and Leave us alone deserving of our best resolution. 



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34 thoughts on “We Shall Not Die Alone.

  1. Just One word is enough Amazing. Its too hard when your loved one died infront of your eyes and no option to save them. I know how you felt that time because i was there too. It’s just our profession to fight against odd and not much to do so helpless. God Bless you

  2. I really loved it and felt so sorry for you. Its not easy because i lost my grandmother too. I can feel your pain. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I know how tough it is to lose our loved ones. Me too have gone through this. Sorry for you, but we need to move on in our life.

  4. I have no words about this post, and I know the feeling of losing someone and never gonna see them again. I would like to send you my virtual hug now.

  5. Heartbreaking don’t know what to say . You are right we shall not die alone .Must say that You are a brilliant writer.

  6. The saddest part is death its true. But not being able to be with loved ones, or for those going through, not being able to have loved ones around is the worst.

  7. I am so sorry to read this. We all are in this together and it’s not easy to face it. This gives me enough reason to follow all the precautions and see people around me also follow it. It’s so important to fight this together.

  8. This is one of a sad story that I’ve read today but it’s beautiful. I know the feeling of losing a family or a loved ones, it’s really hard but I know we can do this and we can fight this together.

  9. I am glad found this post. This is so beautiful words and felt sorry for your loss and pain. All it will take just with one moment. But we need to keep moving on. You should not giving up your own thoughts.

  10. I have lost a friend during this pandemic and one family people. It’s so hard to believe how much Covid has taken over our lives. Thanks for your positive post.

  11. Cvid19 has touched many lives and continues to decimate communities around the world. I pray that the vaccine become available so all can be protected from this terrible virus.


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