This is the sphere of dreams

This is the sphere of dreams

Listen to the harmony of the twinkling secretly

Entire life is fastened in this moment

This is the sphere of dreams

Look at it from my senses,

This is the ecosphere of dreams.

The dense mist is flouting apart,

Now the light of bliss is in every direction.

I flew like a fowl with the wings of optimism,

I allied with the paths of my desire.

Love is flowing in my strains,

It’s murmuring in my ears

It’s like a light soreness

But is more about healing .

There’s glare on earth and the atmosphere is blue,

A houseboat is hovering on the water.

This is the earth of delusions,

I’m numb while I’m conscious,

I’m lost all the time,

No one knows about my restiveness.

The endure has affected me in a convinced way,

The atmosphere is just stunning,

In such a state my imprudent core doesn’t understand

This is the world of imaginings

I’ve seen it from your eyes.

By Magazineup

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